About Us

Greek Rotors was first opened to the public in 2003 by John Koutsoulas and is located in the area of Beikou & Driopidos 6  Street, Galatsi , Athens, in Greece. Being an active remote control pilot but, most of all, the Greek Champion in F3C and 3D helicopter piloting,

John is the owner of one of the largest and most experienced companies in remote control piloting in Greece. 
Greek Rotors collaborates with a number of the most well-known companies in the world, thus being able to provide its customers with a great selection of premium, up-to-date products in remote control piloting. 
We can offer you the best solutions for a complete system of either glow or electric helicopter or airplane and give you an after-sales technical support whenever necessary. 
By having our own warehouse we are able to store large quantities of spare parts and accessories, thus insuring that you get your shipment fast. 
Give us a call ( +30 210 2136085 )and drop by to experience what this hobby is all about!